Hi there. My name is Kristen, I am 29 years young, married to a wonderful man and we have two beautiful little boys and two step-children Hannah (a huskie/german shepherd mix) and Lincoln (a huge fluffy cat). I am a born and raised Texan who lives deep in the country and was taught to love Jesus from a very early age. I was a good kid, very active in school and church and had lots of friends. I took a weird turn in my teenage years and took rebellion to a whole new level. Thankfully I straightened up my act by the time I turned 20 and have been moving onwards and upward since then. I hold two college degrees with concentrations in Human Resources and recently received my MBA. A little over a year ago I was called back home to be a stay at home mother to my sweet children and this past year we started homeschooling. I attend church regularly with my family in Hawkins, Texas at Summit Heights Fellowship and recently celebrated a year of being their Preschool Pastor! I’m involved in various ministries throughout our church, one of my favorite being a traveling missionary! Jesus is my best friend and my days start and end with him by my side. I’m your normal country girl who loves sweet tea, going fishing, and anything outdoors soaking up the beautiful Texas sun. I’ve had the privilege to travel to many places in my lifetime and there are no other skies that can compare to a Texas sky. My family loves cooking out when the weather allows, having company over to simply eat or play board games, and being together whenever we can.  I feel pretty special on a daily basis because I am the only girl in my house and have three men who love me to death! I personally love growing my relationship with Jesus, cooking, sports (especially football, Go Cowboys!) watching movies of all kinds, listening to music and dancing, reading when I get the chance, learning new things every day, and writing. I grew up in a small town where everyone knows everyone and if you took the time to dig deep enough, you might even be related. I was fortunate enough to meet my best friends at a very young age and keep them close by my side into my adulthood. I am the youngest of three kids and have been blessed with step-brothers and sisters, as well as amazing in-laws! I’ve led an interesting life in my short 29 years and look forward to seeing what all God has in store for me. Thank you for visiting my blog and I hope you enjoy the writings of a beautiful southern heart.

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  1. Is sweat tea a Southern thing, or….? It doesn’t SOUND wonderful….! This is a really interesting intro! You’re three years younger than me and have two kids! And a husband! I still feel like an adult child! Such massively different places. You sound very happy and like you have a life or proper contentment. I always feel that people who really, truly believe in God carry less of a burden due to the belief that Jesus has their back. My godmother is like that and I sort of envy that total trust.

    Your blog is lovely! And I love the sound of your Weimaraner x Lab!

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    1. I’ve heard that it is, but then again, I am from the south! I used to love diabeticly sweet tea, but I now drink it mostly unsweet. My taste buds have changed tremendously after having kids and trying to eat healthier. But sweet tea really is the best, especially during the hot summers! I started younger than most, and I am done with kids. Two is my MAX and all that I need. It’s funny that you mention that, that is what my next blog is going to be on. The different seasons in our lives and how they are different for everyone at every age. Haha. Just because I have kids does not make me feel any older, well maybe sometimes, but I still feel like a twelve year old at heart! I am very happy, thank you. It’s amazing what your life can be like if you just give it over to God. I still struggle with this tremendously, but for each moment that I let go of the ropes a little bit more, life get’s a little bit sweeter. Thank you so much! She’s a beauty, I will have to put a picture of her up 🙂

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  2. I’ve always wanted to move to Texas! Actually, I’ve always wanted to move down south. I live in Delaware. Next to Maryland. Boy is it boring here.
    Are you by chance a Miranda Lambert fan??? Hehe. I know she’s from Texas!

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    1. Texas is amazing!! No other place like it! But it can be pretty boring here too. That’s why we spend all of our time outside! I am, she is from Lindale! I was in her hometown all this past weekend at a baseball tournament.

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