Blogger Recognition Award

Hey you guys!

A couple of days ago I got nominated for the “Bloggers Recognition Award”! Totally a surprise and unexpected, but it made my day! My new sweet friend Shawna is who thought of me when she was returning the love and I feel so special and so blessed, thank you, girl!

Shawna over at Whole, Hearty, Happy , between being a mom and running a blog full time, she knows how to keep herself happy, healthy, and fit! As much as I might not be applying the stuff that I have read from her, I do enjoy reading it and I am storing it away for the day I get my butt in gear!

The Rules

  • Thank the Blogger that nominated you!
  • Write a post to show your award!
  • Give a brief story of how you started your blog
  • Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers!
  • Select 15 Bloggers, you want to give this award to!
  • Comment on each blog to let them know you have nominated them, also link your post to their nomination!

About me:

The other day I was writing a comment about how long I hade been blogging and I started to say, a little over a month, but then I did the math and I have been blogging for nearly five months! How crazy is that, time sure does fly by when you are having fun and this experience has been so amazing for me.

I started my blog simply because I was having way too many conversations with myself and there was so much I wanted to get out of my head and share with the world. I toggled around the idea of starting a blog off and on for years, but one day really started wondering if I could or should and then went to work asking those I love most their take on it. I was welcomed with encouragement and pretty much, you’ll have to try it out to really see what you think.

I tried it and I liked it and I am so excited to see where God is going with it.

I have met some pretty wonderful people through blogging and have really gotten to see other’s hearts. In this day and age people are so disconnected because of all the technology in our lives and social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter and Snapchat. Even though blogging is online, you really get to see people in a way that you just don’t get to sitting at the same table with a phone in your hand. It sounds so backward to want to make a connection with someone through the very thing that has broken the connections in the world. But I will take what I can get.

Plus, if I get to share the love of Jesus while I am doing it, that’s just an added bonus.


Be unapologetic – your blog is a reflection of who you are and what you want to share with the world. No matter what your topic is, it is yours and no one can take that away from you. Be unapologetic in all that you do and all that you say, even outside of the blog world. You only get one shot, make it count 😉

Be transparent – maybe your blog is like a diary to you and is therapeutic more than anything. But maybe you want more out of it and you want to teach others something or show them something they have never seen before. Whatever you do, however you say it, do it with transparency. Real and raw and open. In whatever you do, let your light shine. 🙂


The moment you have all been waiting for and my most favorite part of this award, sharing the love! Here are my nominees;

The Silver Lining – Angela is quickly becoming one of my favorite blogger friends! Simply due to her sweetheart and love for Jesus! Her blog is full of love and everything that it is, be sure to check it out, you won’t be disappointed and you just might fall in love with her too.

Diary of the Mad Katter –  I love this blog and have since I first started blogging, mostly because the author is so sweet and fun to talk to from time to time. Her blog is filled with everything under the sun and you will be sure to find something that interests you if you go for a visit!

Cries from an unkempt garden – To say I love this blog would be an understatement. Lisa and I share a similar battle in life and I can always find common ground when I visit her blog, plus be sure to feel tons of emotions when I am reading her work. Go check her out and stay awhile, you will thank me later.

Journal of A Lucid Narrative – Oh how I love this blogger! Adea is real and raw and totally herself! She makes you think and she makes you want to keep reading. Go check her out!!

Candidly Christian –  If you know me, you know why I love this blog! If you need a go to place for encouragement and to better connect with yourself and God on a spiritual level, this is the place to go!

Blue Settia –  we only recently became friends. But I love her blog! There is just something about a genuine person that I find appealing, and she’s got that going for her!

Milk and Honey Faith – I met this sweet lady in a blogging community on facebook and she has given me a new perspective on blogging and all that it is and all that it can be, while just straight up loving me at the same time. She holds a special place in my heart. Plus her blog is fancy and totally worth checking out!

When Do I Get the Manual – To say I love this girl would be an understatement, but we will just leave it at that. Her blog is in my top five favorites and I always look forward to seeing what she has come up with next. Plus she’s from Ireland, so that’s cool too, ha!

Courtneyisms –  Courtney is my kind of girl and her blog has it all. You hungry, she’s got it. Looking for a laugh, she’s got it. Maybe want to shed a tear, she can do that too. Go check her out!

This grateful mama –  I love mommy blogs! Especially when they love Jesus too! Getting to see perspective from other mommies is never boring and I always learn something new!

Meatballs and Butterflies –  a fun blog to go to if you want a real mom living life in the real world. I always enjoy her posts and her sweet spirit!

Lance Price Blog 2017  – Mr. Lance has been so encouraging to me over the past couple of months. His articles are thought provoking and help me to dig deeper into my relationship with the Lord. Love him and his blog!

Be Salt and Light – Another favorite blog in my top five. Jaymi reminds me a lot of me and I love seeing her journey each week with the Lord. It’s so much fun to see what she does in her church and all of the great stories she shares about Jesus!

Beauty from Ashes – I love Abbey’s heart and the beautiful photos she posts! I am so jealous that she has seen these things in person. She’s just another girl searching for Jesus in this great big world!

Filled Cup – I only recently discovered this amazing blog! I just love the way she has put it all together, amazing inspiration! Go check her out, you won’t be sorry!

Please take the time to go check out their blogs, go by and read at least one post and tell them I sent you! They deserve it and you might find something you really like along the way 🙂

I just want to Thank Shawna again for nominating me! It was so sweet and such a surprise and it truly made my day! Thank you, girl!

Stay blessed,

Beautiful Southern Heart


14 thoughts on “Blogger Recognition Award

  1. Wow honoroed two awards to put together here in this last week😅. One the nicest things written of me thus far in this dotcom. Thank you so much kind words girly, and yes we have endured similar battles to come out ahead with Jesus getting ALL glory for our stories!! Thank you for the recognition, and heart felt words you shared💗 Great post!!

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  2. Thank you so much for the recognition! ☺️ I love it when you said it seems backwards to want to connect with others on a social media platform such as WordPress when it seems all of us spend way too much time on social media to begin with. You’re right, it is a different look and feel with blogging. Much more preferable than Facebook or Twitter, in my opinion. Thanks again and I will start getting my thoughts together for my next blog about being thankful for this lovely reward!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes! I love blogging! I feel like the world isn’t as bad as you are used to seeing on social media sites and the news when you get to your blogging friends. Everything is so amplified with hate on Facebook/Twitter/etc and in the blogging world you just get people and things they love. You’re welcome girl! Can’t wait to read it!

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