Mother’s Day Thoughts. Share yours!

Mother’s Day is soon approaching and I want to be excited about it, but at the same time, I don’t really want to get my hopes up, because it could be just like any other day. Writing that down for all to read makes me feel silly, but I am sure I am not the only mom to have that thought cross their mind as this day approaches each year.

As a child, I looked forward to Mother’s Day! I know that may sound weird because it did not benefit me in any sort of way. But I loved making my mom feel special and trying to figure out how I could do it without her ever knowing or without help from someone else in the process. When you are a child, your options at this point are limited but when you use your imagination and search all over your house, you can usually come up with something good. My surprises were never unique. They usually consisted of breakfast in bed, a clean house when she came home from work (deep clean, dusted shelves and all), whatever flowers I could find near our home and a homemade card that would probably have a coupon or two for hugs and kisses or back massages inside. You know the typical gifts that a kid can give. Regardless, I always felt like I was winning when I gave them to her and I loved seeing how happy she was when I would.x17927

As you can see, I set the bar high for those to follow when I became a mom and I could not wait for the day that I would once get to experience the same love from my children and my bonus, my spouse.

Now that I am a mother, I get to experience the joys of being on the receiving end as well as continue to give to my own mom and now my mother in law. But the crazy part is that it is not all that it is cracked up to be and the things I want the most are usually the last thing that I receive. Sure, who doesn’t love to be showered with gifts and told “Happy Mother’s Day!” a billion times from every passing human being simply because you are a woman and they assume you must be a mom (which lucky for them I am, but it must be really weird for all the ladies who aren’t and get told so anyway). I really do not care about all of that stuff. I just want my love language to be met by those closest to me, with sincerity and what looks like little effort applied.images (1)What is my love language you ask? Do you know yours? You should look it up, and then think about if applied, how your mother’s day could be the best one ever. My love language is easy, acts of service coupled with quality time.  These two are literally tied for the two most important things to me in any given relationship. I don’t need words of affirmation, even though they are nice to hear from time to time. I don’t need physical touch to tell me that you love me, even though I love hugs and will gladly take them and give them out. I could care less about being given a gift, although I will take them happily and not complain one bit because who doesn’t love presents!

My perfect mother’s day consist of getting to be as lazy as I want, while those around me do all of the heavy lifting, all of the cleaning, all of the cooking, and any other normal mommy chores while I get to be in their presence and soak up every ounce of who they are, because that is what makes me the happiest girl in the world. Being with my boys.

Mom-I-Love-You-to-Pieces-600x401Breakfast in bed, I’d love that. A clean house from top to bottom, my favorite thing ever. Handmade cards with fun little coupons inside, what could be cuter than that? Handpicked flowers from all around our home, one of my favorite things from my boys. Spending the entire day with my boys doing nothing and not having to worry about a thing, my jackpot.

It is funny when I look back and think about it. All of the things I used to do for my mom are all of the things I want most now that I am a mother. I don’t know if this is coincidence or if it means me and my mom are a lot alike or that she hated everything I ever gave to her because it was my love language and not hers (I’m sure she didn’t hate it either way).However, it’s interesting to think about, and I suppose I will have to ask her what her favorite Mother’s Day ever was and see if any of my gifts hit the mark.

What are your thoughts on Mother’s Day? Do you have any great stories from when you were a child and what you did for your own mom? Or do you have any stories as a mother and how amazing the day has been for you in years past? What would your perfect mother’s day consist of? I want to hear them!

Either way, it’s all just temporary. Mother’s Day is every day of the year when you are a mom.

Stay blessed,

Beautiful Southern Heart

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