Put Together Like Perfect Puzzle Pieces

Do you want to know what one of my most favorite things in the whole entire world is? It is watching God’s plans unfold right before my eyes, in the smallest of moments to the grandest. It is amazing to see His hand in our lives and watch Him work!

Getting to say; God did that. That was all Him. You can thank God for that. That was totally God. That had Jesus written all over it. That was an answered prayer right there! are truly some of my happiest moments and fill my heart with tremendous joy every single time that it happens. Which is often, and happens more and more every day, the closer I get to Him!

I’m not sure if I have shared this with you before, but one of my biggest struggles has been letting go and letting God. I have an overwhelming need to be in control, at all times, in every situation or I get intense anxiety or frankly just really upset that it’s not “going my way”. That is not an easy thing to admit, but it’s just a part of being human I think, and I have learned to accept it and grow from it and even slowly to relinquish that control, to Him. In doing so, I am seeing God’s hand more in more in my life, because I am stepping out of His way, finallythy-will-graphic

It is incredible what God can and will do for you if you just step out of His way and let Him be God. Being able to step aside and have something amazing happen in your life and know that it was God who did that, is the greatest feeling in the world, and it can only happen if you let Him.

There have been multiple occasions over the past couple of weeks that I have seen his perfect work come together in my life. Every time I experience something like this, I get an overwhelming sense of peace; because I know I am exactly where I am supposed to be, doing exactly what God designed me to do, walking in perfect sync with His will just as He would have me do.

download (1)It’s like a puzzle, every time you find that piece that fits, which for me are those moments that I get to say “that was you God”, you are getting closer to finishing it and seeing the beautiful picture that has been created!

It is not always an easy thing to do and it is a choice I have to make daily, to surrender to His will and not my own. Being human, we have this need to know what is going to happen next and what the outcome is going to be before we put our foot in front of the other and take that first step. But with God, you do not know and you cannot see it, until it happens. You have to trust Him and fully rely on Him and His sovereignty, that everything He does in this world He puts together for your good. That even though you cannot see the first step you have to trust that rest of the stairs are there, through blind faith.

It sounds incredibly scary when you think about it and in your case when you read it in black and white, and it can be. But every time you do it, it gets a little bit easier and a little more exciting and a little more real until you aren’t even thinking about whether or not you trust God anymore, but instead are trying to remember to put the car on autopilot and let go of the wheel.good

I have an incredible example that I want to share with you all on this very thing. Yesterday I was the only one in our office holding down the fort because everyone else was out of town or out in the field. Normally this isn’t so bad, but we have a lot going on this week and there were many things that needed to be taken care of and made sure that ran smoothly. Needless to say, I became overwhelmed by mid-day, and by the time I was supposed to take lunch to my sister at her school, I was totally frazzled and unfortunately unable to enjoy my date with her because I was trying to calm my nerves (in a school full of teenage children, ha!).

Before I walked into her school I was sitting in my car and I took a deep breath and said “Jesus, please still my heart. Yes, steal it and still it and help me find peace in this moment”. By the time lunch was over I was much calmer, but still a little frazzled and on edge. When I got back to the office I checked the notifications on my phone to see a woman had commented on an article I wrote a couple of weeks back. She wrote and I quote, “As I was reading I felt God prompting me to tell you that as someone who has made it through your season of life, and has learned from many mistakes, we need to be intentional about making room for margin in our lives so we can have time to just be still, breathe and rest in His presence.” She wrote that at the exact moment that I prayed to God for that very thing! How cool is that?! He not only heard my prayers, but He chose to tell me through someone I do not even know, I hear you baby girl, you can find rest in my arms, just be still.

God is so good y’all. He truly finds you in the darkness and pulls you back together, if you let Him. He’s a loving God, who gave us free will, to choose Him. He is not going to force Himself upon you or force you to love Him because that’s just not nice and it’s not in his character and it’s not who He is. He is a good God, a good father and if you do not know Him, you are missing out.

Stay blessed,

Beautiful Southern Heart


21 thoughts on “Put Together Like Perfect Puzzle Pieces

  1. This gave me goosebumps!! I am on my own journey of allowing God to take the wheel and you are right, it is so hard to do but once you learn how, it is an amazing experience. I truly enjoy reading about your relationship with God and your posts always inspire me. I think you were one of the first blogs I started following and it’s absolutely one of my favorites!!

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    1. Thanks so much girl. The last couple of years have really been hame changers for me. I’m working so hard to let go of that control I’m griping so tightly too. Oh my gosh, that’s so nice. Thank you, I really appreciate that.

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  2. What an amazing story Kristen! It’s like what you said,

    “But every time you do it, it gets a little bit easier and a little more exciting and a little more real until you aren’t even thinking about whether or not you trust God anymore, but instead are trying to remember to put the car on autopilot and let go of the wheel.”

    You gave God the opportunity and you were able to see Him work in your life! By the way, I love your prayer to God that He, “steal and sill,” your heart! I’m totally stealing it! haha

    Blind faith can be really hard, but like you said, the more we let go and see God show up in our lives, the easier it becomes.

    About two years ago, I had the worst year of my life- everything went wrong and then some. The funny thing is, I thought I had it all under control initially. When I realized that I had no control over my life and that no choice I made was going to stop life from happening to me, I gave up. I gave up on myself and all the abilities I thought I had and gave my life to God…truly gave my life to God for the first time. Although, I’ve been Christian all my life, it took real tragedy for me to throw my life before the feet of God and relinquish any claim to it.

    Since then, I worry so much less. My full faith is in Him, and no matter the situation, I trust that He will carry me through it. What it made me realize was that God can take care of us much better than we can take care of ourselves. I’ve seen Him work in my life in ways that I never could’ve dreamed of!

    He knows our lives from beginning to end which makes Him the better candidate to put the puzzle pieces together. It took some time, and of course, sometimes I still get scared, but giving God the wheel to my life has been the best decision I have ever made!

    Thanks for sharing a post we all can so easily relate to. I’m so glad that you are able to witness God working in your life, from the smallest to the biggest event! Everything about us matters to Him:)

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    1. Thank you for the wonderful comment and sharing you story! Even for Christians, rock bottom is what it takes sometimes to quit battling God and let him take control. I went through a similar phase in my later teenage years and thought I could do everything on my own, but I was so so wrong. It too took me throwing myself at his feet saying I am done, you can have me, I give up! You are so right girl! Thank you again for sharing that! I love to hear what God is doing and has done in other people’s lives!

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  3. Lovely read!! And the analogy of an autopilot to the car of life is just perfect. Completely agree to your post. It’s also interesting to think of certain things which often, at that moment, do not happen according to what we would have thought is the correct way for it to happen. And then some time (maybe years) later we realize the ‘not happening’ was also for the good in the long run, and was just God’s way of ensuring that the bigger correct things happen!

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    1. Thanks Devika! Yes, that happens all the time. People think so often that prayers go unanswered, when in reality, they get answered but just not always in the way we would have them. It’s a special kind of blessing to be able to recognize when God has answered a prayer that your prayed years ago, it truly shows how magnificent he is and how much he loves us and how his timing is better than our own.

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  4. It actually took a pretty bad patch in my life for me to start trusting God, I’ve always believed but never was one to look for guidance. But through a bad patch I always thought god had my back, he stood behind me ready to pick me up, I always knew things would get better, I trusted in him. I felt like I needed that awful journey to be where I am. I like to think gods up there with people I’ve loved who couldn’t continue this journey, cheering me on from the best seat in the house. This post was beautiful, really well written! X

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    1. Thank you so much. I too feel that way about loved ones who have passed! He does indeed always have our back. Even in our lowest of lows. He is there. Thank you for sharing some of you story!


  5. “It is not always an easy thing to do and it is a choice I have to make daily, to surrender to His will and not my own.”

    This is very brave. You are really brave! That’s a hard thing to do, and you’re really brave. That’s all I want to say.

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