From Conception to Birth and How I Ended Up Here

As far back as I can remember, I have always had a love for writing. Sharing my thoughts with others, and dreaming dreams that would one day become my reality, if God willing. I am a Pisces, if you are into astrology at all that would tell you just how deep my emotions run, how much I dream and how important feelings are, to not only myself but others around me. However, astrology does not define who I am. My savior does. I have a deep love for knowledge, how things work and learning to understand the Lord and His purpose for me in my life and our world as a whole.

I have toyed with the idea of starting a blog for many years now. Most of the time when the idea popped into my head, I would laugh and shake it off and go on with my day. In recent weeks, I have felt the Holy Spirit nudging me to take a leap of faith and do something that quite frankly, I have always been too scared to do. This feeling has grown stronger with each passing day and a few weeks ago, it hit me like a ton of bricks. I could not get the idea out of my head and everywhere I turned I was writing a new post in my head on various topics, and then I slowly started to become intrigued by the thought; this is something I could really do.

I then immediately turned to my two best friends for their opinions, like any normal southern girl would do. I got two very similar, but different responses. Which is to be expected because they have two totally different personalities, which I crave and love. One of them told me, “yes, you should totally do it, I think you would be so great at it”! Then the other said, “I could definitely see you doing something like that, but I have a couple of questions that come to mind that worry me and I think you should consider”. Honesty, the good and the bad, is so much a part of who I am and I am incredibly thankful I can find it in the two of them, especially in pivotal moments in my life such as this.

I then took the idea to my husband, kind of backward I know but, I am a girl and I needed my girlfriends to shake me up before I got down to the serious stuff with him. I asked him what his thoughts were, him being the super laid back guy that he is said, “you will never know unless you try. I say go for it, you will either do great or you won’t”. Super helpful. Not. I could see that this decision was going to be up to me, and what I felt that God was telling me to do.

“For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb, all the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be.” Excerpts from Psalm 139

You are probably wondering at this point, why didn’t you pray about it first? Oh I did! Many times. I have this way about myself where I will ask God a question, He will give me an answer, I may or may not like it, so then I will wrestle with myself until I finally give in and do what He told me to do in the first place. I am working on this. I find humor in my actions because I get completely frustrated at my kids with not listening to me the first time I tell them to do something, then saying “told you so!” when they finally obey me, and realize things would have gone a lot easier had they just taken my word for it and trusted me in the first place. Sound familiar?

Funny how that works. The complete frustration I get with my children from behaving in a way that I am not pleased with, but then I turn around and do the same thing to my heavenly father, expecting a different outcome in return. Like I said, hilarious. But on a more serious note and back to the story, had I just listened to God in the first place who knows what you might have read from me at this point.

So here I am.

I do not really have a plan for this blog because I have not fully decided what it is that God is wanting to do with me through it. But I do know, I have so much that I want to share with the world, every day. On topics from being a mom, my insane road rage, things going on in the world, and my most favorite; my daily testimonies that bring glory to God.

If I had to choose one topic, that would be it. A never ending testimony of what God is doing in my life and what He is probably doing in yours if you take the time to sit back and examine your world. We all have a testimony, it was started before you were ever born when you were just a baby in your mother’s womb, and it will continue until the day that you die. That is a beautiful thing, folks. It is such a blessing just to be alive, experience the wonders of this earth and God’s will for our lives, and just live waiting for the day that He calls us all home.

I do not know what tomorrow will bring, or if there will be a tomorrow. I am still working on today, and trying to let go of things that happened yesterday. But I hope that through me sharing these things with you, that God will work through me to shake your world up, and mine too. Make you take a step back and really look at yourself, and if I am lucky, help you grow a deep and meaningful relationship with Him. Simply through showing you, that you can. Just like I have, through all my ups and downs, my crazy years and my not so crazy years.

If you have gotten this far, you are a champ and I thank you. For taking the time to read my first post and not giving up half way through it. As for future post, I am going to wait to see what God has planned for you all and try my best to obey Him when the time comes.

Stay blessed,

Beautiful Southern Heart


25 thoughts on “From Conception to Birth and How I Ended Up Here

  1. Yet another talent you hold! 🙂 I’ve always wanted to start a blog but I’m afraid I’m not nearly as gifted when it comes to writing. I look forward to more posts! And even more so, seeing how God is going to use you. You are a beautiful person! And I’m blessed to be a friend.

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    1. Thanks Holli! Oh, I think you should! Even if you do not share it with anyone, I think you would love it. I’m treading lightly and really trying to pay attention to what God has in store for this, and me. Thank you so much. Ditto.


  2. So happy for you! Your doing an amazing job! I think this will open a lot of new doors for you. I’m glad made the decision to do so, I can see how it would be very difficult to open up on this level .

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    1. Thanks so much girl! I really can’t imagine what all God wants to do with it, but I am so curious to find out! I am trying to obey and trust him! It is hard, so many different things to consider when writing. But I am loving it so far.


  3. Wow how imspiring your filled with such a uplifting power to help people open up thier minds and spirit im so thankful to be invited to your blog cant wait to see how the lord uses you your so blessed

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